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Garage Cleanouts

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An attached garage protects drivers and their vehicles in more ways than one. The overhead alone will help minimize exposure of your vehicle to rainwater, snow, sleet, hail, debris, and UV rays. It can also help ensure your safety when entering and exiting your vehicle from your home. People also utilize their attached garages for storage. While this additional storage option is beneficial, it can lead to clutter.

Garage Decluttering And Reorganizing

No one wants to spend hours or days decluttering and reorganizing their garage. Depending on the severity of the clutter, special equipment and a lot of manpower may be required to get the job done. The special equipment and manpower are not on hand, what are you supposed to do, now? Call in the garage cleanout experts, of course.

Our garage cleanout service is ideal for commercial, governmental, public, residential, and industrial settings. Our qualified team of garage cleanout experts has dedicated their careers to helping consumers like yourself get control of their clutter.

How Does Garage Cleanout Work?

Our professional garage cleanout works by removing all items from the garage for a thorough cleaning. The team will carefully remove each item from the garage and place it in a secure location until cleaning is complete. We utilize high-quality cleaners, warm water, and disinfectants to clean garages. In addition to these cleaning products, pest control products and mold & mildew removers are also utilized when necessary.

We always allow the garage to completely air dry before moving forward. At this point, we encourage the client to get involved in the process to ensure the items are suitably organization. In the meantime, all unwanted items are transported to a local recycling center, waste collection facility, or landfill for proper disposal.

DIY Garage Cleaning

When our professional garage cleanout is not an option for your budget, do-it-yourself will do. Do-it-yourself garage cleaning is similar to our professional-grade garage cleaning, without the special equipment and manpower.

  • Set aside several hours for a DIY garage cleanout, depending on the severity of the disorganization and clutter
  • Label each storage container accordingly
  • Categorize items to ensure the easy location of specific storage containers
  • Properly dispose of all unwanted items via a garage sale, donation site, curbside giveaway, charity, or landfill
  • Hire a handyman or teens from the neighborhood to assist with the garage cleanout
  • Thoroughly clean the garage with mild soap, rinse with water, and allow to air dry
  • Replace items in an accessible location, depending on how often they are needed
  • Hire a licensed junk removal service to transport unwanted items to a municipal waste disposal center

Garage Organization

Organization is key to keeping your garage neat and tidy, ensure quick access to important items, and easy routine cleanings. It is unfortunate when homeowners finally discover there is no more storage space in their garages. After years of buying and storing items away, you wake up one day to discover your garage is fully packed. Locating specific items is no longer possible because of all the clutter.

Organization your garage to ensure every stored item can be located and is accessible:

  • Install shelving large enough to store small- to medium-sized boxes
  • Label each storage container with detailed information, including a list of items
  • Keep similar items in the same container
  • Utilize ceiling and wall hooks for hanging bikes, garden r hoses, and hand tools
  • Assign a storage container for each member of the household
  • Store seasonal items in one corner of the garage

Be sure to take advantage of our low-price garage cleanout and junk removal services. We are available 5 days a week and most weekends. Our qualified customer support will gladly set you up an appointment for a free garage inspection.

Garage And Storage Pickup

You’ve likely kept some of your belongings in your garage. You thought you were going to use them at some point but you haven’t. Now, you’ve run out of space and you need to get rid of these items. This can be frustrating since you don’t have a truck to get dispose of the item. Don’t worry because we’re here to help you. Our company offers garage and storage unit clean outs. We can remove the unwanted items from your garage and get rid of them quickly.

Our services are designed to make things easier and more affordable for you.

Garage Pickup

You’re likely sick of the items hanging around in your garage. You’ve stored so many items in there that you cannot get your vehicle in there. We’re the leading junk removal company in Philadelphia and we’re here to help you. We want to help you clear your garage of unwanted items. If you want to save money, you should move your unwanted items to your driveway. Once you’ve done that, we’ll come to your house, pick up the items, and get rid of them for you.

Alternatively, we can enter your garage and haul the items away. We’re willing to go an extra step to help our clients.

Storage Clean outs

Storage units are great. They’re expensive but they’ll help you keep your garage clear of unwanted items. However, storage units are limited. Once they’re full, you’ll need to get rid of certain items or rent another unit. If you’ve decided to clean out your storage unit, you should consider using our storage clean-out services. We’re ready to help you get rid of the items in your storage unit.

We can help you sort through the items you want and do not want. Just call us so we can start helping you.

Safe Disposal

You’ve likely kept a lot of unique items in your garage or storage unit. For instance, you may have vehicle parts, computer components, or exercise equipment. Disposing of these items can be difficult. The good news is that you can simplify this problem by contacting us. We’re the top garage junk removal company in Philadelphia. We will find a suitable way to get rid of these items. If the exercise equipment is usable, we’ll try to donate it to charity.

If not, we’ll find a suitable way to dispose of your belongings. We’re ready to start helping you so you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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