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Residential Clean-Outs: Whenever we are called to help with a domestic trash disposal job, we note any particularities. As soon as you bring us into the picture, you’ll notice how detailed we are in handling the sort of home junk removal across the length and breadth of the Overbrook Area that we do. We won’t even disregard your special Christmas tree cleanout needs.

Pre-MoveOut Cleanouts: If you’re returning your rented place, there’s a debris removal you need to have done, and we can handle it on your behalf!

Residential Renovation Clean-Outs: If you want one, you got it!

Emergency Disaster Clean-Up and Storm Clean-Up: The moment a tragedy has occurred, what should bother you is to tidy up and move forward. Call us.

Residential Junk Removal Services and Commercial Junk Removal Services: We’re prepared to deal with every residential and office issue you require professionals to deal with.

Attic and Basement Cleanouts: Attic and basement trash haulage are our area of expertise across the length and breadth of Overbrook, PA.

Crawl Space Cleanouts: We believe that crawl spaces must be kept unpolluted and clear from trash – and this is an opinion we respond to whenever you provide us with the opportunity to deal with it.

Garage Cleanouts: We’ve continued assisting homeowners throughout Overbrook to get back their garages to their original use – for cars, not for garbage.

Shed Removal: We do shed disposal jobs of all types and in any situation.

Storage Unit Cleanouts: Give back the keys to your storehouse as soon as we have delivered the best waste removal that will help you to maintain your good reputation.

Estate Cleanouts: We provide detailed estate waste removal services across the length and breadth of Overbrook.

Fire Damage Cleanup: Fire destruction may be agonizing, but a cleanup will undoubtedly assist you to proceed and forget about it.

Flooded Basement Debris Removal: Floods are very strong for your basement, anyway, we are the best in restoring order after chaos.

Electronic Waste Disposal: From computer monitors to old cell phones, we ensure that any damaged electronic devices are conveyed to e-waste reprocessing plants. That’s the goal of our environmentally-friendly waste management intervention.

Appliance Recycling & Pick-Up: Maybe you are looking to get rid of your old appliances. It is irrelevant – our gadget pick-up experts can have any expired hardware disposed of from your place.

Bicycle Removal: That broken bike needs to be reprocessed, not dumped at a dumping ground. Get in touch with us so long as you consent.

Construction Debris Removal: Building rubble around a construction site is the usual thing all over the universe, nevertheless, it still needs the best junk removal remedy like ours so that your construction project can proceed.

Light Demolition Services: There are many scenarios whereby our minor disintegration services can profit you.

Mattress Disposal & Recycling and Carpet Removal & Disposal: We offer an all-inclusive and distinct carpet and mattress disposal service throughout Overbrook.

Furniture Removal & Pick-Up: Our furniture collection and disposal remedies can be implemented for apartments, shops, and organizations.

Hot Tub & Spa Removal Service: Bid goodbye to your outdated hot tubs and spa equipment

Refrigerator Recycling & Disposal: We pick up and take old freezers and refrigerators to the most appropriate recycling companies.

Scrap Metal Recycling & Pick Up: We believe scrap metals need to be collected, set aside based on metal forms, and dispatched for reprocessing. Whenever you bring us into the picture, that’s what will transpire.

TV Recycling & Disposal: Environmentally conscious television cleanout solutions similar to ours always ensure that old TVs get dispatched for reprocessing.

Used Tire Disposal & Recycling: Did you know that expired tires can be recycled, and made into something else? If you’d like your damaged tires to be treated like that, reach out to us, and we will ensure that.

Yard Waste Removal: If yard waste is a problem, our firm has the solution.

Trash Pick-up, Rubbish, Garbage & Waste Removal: We can see out any type of junk out of your abode. Nothing more.

Glass Removal: Not one cut, zero negative consequences, zero possibilities. Only a clean and safe glass pick-up solution in Overbrook.

Exercise Equipment Removal: You can trust us to get rid of damaged gym appliances with our trash hauling and cleanout service across the length and breadth of Overbrook.

Pool Table Removal and Piano Removal: Do you want to have this type of junk removed within Overbrook? Talk to our rubbish removal team!

BBQ & Old Grill Pick Up: We provide the sort of waste management Overbrook residents and businesses count on the moment they want to clear old items from their gardens.

Trampoline, Playset, & Above Ground Pool Removal: We remain one of the few trash disposal brands in Overbrook that also handles this category of huge and large rubbish.

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Overbrook is a neighborhood northwest of West Philadelphia, Philadelphia, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The area’s housing ranges from large, old homes to rowhouses to 3- and 4-story apartment buildings.

The name Overbrook is commonly used to refer both to a specific neighborhood and a larger area of northwestern West Philadelphia that includes four Philadelphia City Planning Commission neighborhoods: Overbrook, Overbrook Farms, Morris Park and Overbrook Park. These four neighborhoods are united by the close proximity of Overbrook High School, the Overbrook School for the Blind, the Overbrook SEPTA Station, and Overbrook Avenue. Depending on the definition of Overbrook Farms, The Overbrook School for the Blind either lies partially in Morris Park and partially in Overbrook Farms or entirely in Morris Park.[citation needed]

According to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, the main boundaries for the Overbrook neighborhood are North 63rd Street to the west, Lansdowne Avenue to the south, and the SEPTA regional rail tracks to the northeast. A very small portion of Woodbine Avenue between North 63rd Street and the SEPTA regional rail tracks bounds Overbrook to the north while a very small portion of North 52nd Street between Lansdowne Avenue and the SEPTA regional rail tracks bounds Overbrook to the south.

According to the Commission, the northern boundary of Overbrook Farms is City Avenue (US 1). The western boundary is North 66th Street between City Avenue and Woodcrest Avenue and Morris Park between Woodcrest Avenue and Malvern Avenue. The southern border is Malvern Avenue to Wynnewood Road, a small portion of Wynnewood Road, and Woodbine Avenue from Wynnewood Road to North 58th Street. The eastern boundary is North 58th Street between Woodbine Avenue and Overbrook Avenue, a small portion of Overbrook Avenue, and then Cardinal Avenue between Overbrook Avenue and City Avenue. Overbrook Farms borders Saint Joseph’s University on its northeast corner. Although the Philadelphia City Planning Commission considers Malvern Avenue to form part of the southern border, the Overbrook Farms Club says, “At present, there are 413 buildings in Overbrook Farms, which is bounded by 58th and 66th Streets and Woodbine and City Avenues, and bisected by Lancaster Avenue”.

West of the Overbrook neighborhood is Morris Park, which derives its name from the eponymous park on the neighborhood’s western edge. The eastern boundary of the neighborhood is North 63rd Street. On the north, the boundary is Woodbine Avenue between North 63rd Street and Wynnewood Road, Wynnewood Road between Woodbine Avenue and Malvern Avenue, and Malvern Avenue between Wynnewood Road and North 68th Street. On the west, the boundary is North 68th Street and Morris Park between Malvern Avenue and Haverford Avenue, Cobbs Creek Park between Haverford Avenue and North 67th Street, and North 67th Street between Callowhill Street and North Gross Street. The southern border is Arch Street at North Gross Street, bordering Cobbs Creek Park at Upper Darby’s border.

Overbrook Park’s boundaries are City Avenue to the north and Morris Park on the west, south, and east. Haverford Avenue connects Overbrook Park to the Morris Park neighborhood while City Avenue connects Overbrook Park to Overbrook Farms. Greater Overbrook is in the Fourth Councilmanic District of Philadelphia, represented by Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr., elected on October 10, 2006 to a first term. The 19th Police District of the Philadelphia Police Department protects Overbrook.

Overbrook developed in various stages between 1900 and 1960. The dominant housing type is the row house, present in a wide variety of styles. Built in the early 20th century when trolley lines were allowing middle-class Philadelphians to move out from more crowded row house communities, Overbrook was a community of choice when it was built. Outside of Overbrook Farms, most of the houses in the Overbrook area date from between 1915 and 1930, when the Great Depression halted new construction nationally and locally. In addition to rowhouses, one can find a sizeable number of twin (semi-detached) houses. These semi-detached homes have two or three floors and typically are over 2,000 square feet (190 m) in size. Prime examples of typical Overbrook twin houses are along Wynnewood Road from Haverford Avenue to Malvern Avenue, North 64th Street between Lansdowne and Lebanon Avenues, or Nassau Road between North 61st and 63rd Streets. There are very few detached single-family homes in Overbrook. Single homes typically pre-date the construction of most of Overbrook’s housing or came into existence on select lots after the construction of most of the rowhouses and twin houses. For example, one will see a few single-family homes on Wynnewood Road near Columbia Avenue. A large stone home remains this intersection. This home once sat on acres of land that the owner(s) sold off to developers who then constructed twin houses and rowhouses. The vast majority of the single-family, detached homes in the Overbrook area are in the Overbrook Farms neighborhood.

Overbrook, while overwhelmingly residential in character, does have several notable landmark buildings and institutions

Overbrook High School is located in Overbrook.

The Free Library of Philadelphia Haddington Branch serves Overbrook-Morris Park.

Saint Joseph’s University is located nearby.

Overbrook School for the Blind

Entertainer Will Smith, who attended Overbrook High School, named his production company, Overbrook Entertainment, after the neighborhood.

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