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Trailers, vehicles, RVs, Fifth-wheel campers, bicycles, wheelbarrows, tricycles, motorbikes, and remote-control vehicles have one feature that they share. All tires have an expected service life between 3 to five years, contingent on several factors, including conditions, maintenance, and usage.

If it’s time to replace worn-out tires, the consumers must make an option. Since the majority of landfills and dumps do not accept rubber tires, another alternative must be in place before the replacement. On a good note, automotive service providers offer their customers the possibility to dispose of their tires for a minimal cost. Alongside the disposal charge, most states have scrap tire disposal taxes ranging from $0.25 to $25.

How To Avoid Old Tire Disposal Fee?

Yes, it is possible to avoid paying the Scrap Tire disposal cost. It is essential to retain your old tires following the replacement. Unfortunately, many consumers don’t have the right equipment or know-how to change old tires. Instead, they turn to automobile service providers that specialize in installing tires. When you request one or a set of two or firebrand new tires, you will be asked about your preferred disposal method. At this moment, you can decide whether to pay the old rubber tire disposal cost. If you do not want to spend the extra money, it is possible to keep the old tires.

There are several ways to get rid of the expense of paying to dispose of your tires. In the case of your particular situation, you might be able to do the following:

  • Flowers Planters – Cut around the rim of the old tire to give it a rough appearance. Make a small cut that is the same size as the tire used. Paint the old tire to make it look more appealing, utilizing vivid colors like orange, yellow, pink, white, red, or purple. Fill the tire‘s opening with dirt add the flowering plant and water to complete the work.
  • Garden Retainer Wall – Are you looking for a unique retainer wall for your garden? If so, look no further than your old tires. With a range of sizes, your old tires will create one of the best garden keepers’ walls. To give it a unique look, paint each tire a different color. Try a sequence of colors such as green, blue-purple, teal turquoise, and lime.
  • Mulch– Transform your old tires into rubber mulch. The US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” encourages Americans to reuse those tires that are no longer used. Well, this is an ideal way to recycle the old tires from your bicycle ATV, truck, or cargo trailer tires. By using a powerful sniper, reduce the rubber in chunks or strips. It is also possible to dye your mulch of recycled rubber a green or red-blue before placing it on your flowering trees, plants, and shrubs.
  • Outdoor Table – Convert your old automobile tires into a table for outdoor use. Instead of painting the tires, you can wrap them in a solid weatherproof and weatherproofed twine. Coat the exterior of the old tire with a waterproof adhesive. Starting at the top of the tire, cover the tire with twine, extending until it reaches the base. This is a unique outdoor table within your community.
  • Outdoor Mirror – Convert your bicycle’s tires to a mirror for your garden. Begin by giving your old tire a new coat of paint of your preference. Apply a thick layer of the adhesive outside the mirror and the interior of the tire’s rim. Push the mirror with force against the tire‘s rim to keep it level.

Our Old Tire Removal

If you are unsure of what to do with the old tires, we will assist you. Our tire scrap removal service is affordable and accessible to all community members. In addition, we provide consultations for free upon request. Please don’t put it off when you submit your consultation request, as we have all the equipment to remove any old tires.

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