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Couch Removal Made Easy By Philadelphia Kings

If you’ve never dealt with junk removal services before, you likely don’t know that they are not all created equal. Some might remove certain items while others don’t. Some might recycle responsibly while others could care less.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we can tell you this first-hand This is not just something that we are saying to boost our reputation. In fact, whether you utilize our junk removal services or not, we want to make you as informed and aware as possible when it comes to couch removal.

Couches are items that are commonly replaced and not dealing with them in the right manner can have immense consequences on the environment. Immense negative consequences! From easy online estimates to the most convenient pickup and removal process, we want to take our customer’s couch removal experience to the next level.

Combine this with our clear communication, friendly employees, and 100 percent satisfaction guarantees, and it should be easy to see what Philadelphia Kings gets more repeat business than your traditional junk removal companies. Want to know more?

How We Handle Your Couches

Did you know that instead of trashing your couch or giving it away, you could provide someone with reusable materials? Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving the mattress away if it gets used and goes to a good place.

However, just letting the couch sit and rot is irresponsible. Some couches can be donated, reused, and turned into viable materials. This is what we try to do with every couch that our teams pick up. If this is not possible, we make sure that it goes to the most appropriate location.

Always Pay Less

While buying a new couch can be exciting, it certainly isn’t the cheapest task in the world. Now, you are contemplating a removal fee, which makes the situation all that more troubling. This is why most people end up not donating their couches or disposing of them in the right manner.

Don’t let this happen to you when you take advantage of Philadelphia Kings Junk Removal services. We offer some of the best and most affordable disposal rates in the Philly area. The best thing is that we not only do this, but the process should be as convenient as possible.

If you want to stage the couch in a garage or driveway and have someone pick it up, you should have that option available to you. And, you do when you utilize Philadelphia Kings. Whether it be a sectional, half a couch, or an entire sofa, we’ll have the means to make sure that it gets disposed of in the best and most appropriate manner.

Our Typical Removals

As was mentioned, the removal process should be as convenient and easy as possible. That’s exactly what Philadelphia Kings tries to provide. And, we do this by offering an easy to understand and use online ordering process.

All you have to do is visit our official website, open the quick estimate too, get a quote, schedule a pickup time and date, and pay. We’ll handle everything else from there, whether it be coming into the home and removing the mattress or picking it up in the street.

Our techs will even notify you 20 to 30 minutes before they arrive at the pickup site just so you’ll be ready and know to expect us. You’ll know that you are dealing with the company that you paid to handle the job.

Couch Removal For Free

Even if you do not want to pay for couch removal, we want our customers to know that there are other responsible ways to eliminate that couch. Your first and most obvious option is to donate the couch to a friend or family member.

If this isn’t a viable option, you can give it away to someone else via a classified ad. Thanks to sites like craigslist placing classified ads for a multitude of services has now become easier than ever before. Regardless, if none of these options are viable, pick up the phone and call Philadelphia Kings.

It should be more than easy to see why most of the locals are taking advantage of our services. With the friendliest and most helpful employees, we are here to serve you in the most convenient ways possible.

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