Why Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Should Be Your Next Tourist Destination

Traveling is exciting, because it offers individuals plenty of opportunities to explore new areas and learn about their historical value. There is nothing like traveling throughout the states, because every state and city has something to offer everyone. If you have never visited Philadelphia Pennsylvania before now, you should definitely put it on your bucket list. This wonderful city is located in the Mid-Atlantic region, bordering Delaware and New Jersey.


Although, Washington, D.C. is currently the capital of the United States, it has not always been. In fact, Philadelphia was the capital of the U.S. until July 16, 1790. The Residence Act was signed into law at this time, approving the capital to be developed along the Potomac River. Philly, as the locals know it, plays a major role in the birth and life of the country. The city has faced many obstacles of the past few decades, with many of these being related to the economic decline. The 21st Century has brought some hope for the residents, as the city continues moving forward.

Downtown Area 

Downtown Philadelphia is home to more than 57,000 residents, making the Center City one of the most populated business areas in the United States. One of the downtown’s most beautiful attributes is the City Hall. The architecture is breathtaking, drawing attention from every passerby, whether they are a tourist or local. The Convention Center is also located in the downtown area, followed by Washington Square West. Many people travel to Philly to conduct business on a local and federal level.

The Old City 

Philly has definitely evolved over the years, leaving behind many some of the most historical landmarks in the nation. The iconic Liberty Bell is located in the Old City, as well is the Constitution Hall. If you are interested in American history, you will definitely need to visit this wonderful neighborhood. Be sure to save a little room for some entertainment and South Philly cuisine, because there are some wonderful restaurants and clubs scattered throughout the area.

North Philly District 

The Temple University is located in the North Philly District. This neighborhood is compiled with bars, shops, breweries, and pizzerias. While the North District has struggled with maintaining control of crime, it continues to draw consumers from all walks of life. If you do decide to visit this area, be sure to stay in crowded areas and do not go out alone after dark. The Sugarhouse Casino is awaiting your arrival, but play responsibly, so you don’t regret it the next morning.


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